The National Dairy Show

October 28th & 29th 2020



Day 1, October 28



Welcome from our Host

Caroline Keane

Caroline Keane

Presenter, Videographer, Broadcaster


Opening Remarks:


Denis Kiely

Denis Kiely

National Dairy Show Director


Official Opening and Governmental Address


Charlie McConalogue

Charlie McConalogue

Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine


Dairy Farm Tractor Demonstrations




Dairy in Ireland – are we putting our best foot forward?

A discussion with some of the industry’s biggest online influencers who give the Irish public a glimpse inside the farm gates of dairy farms in Ireland. The panel will discuss

  • Is the Irish dairy industry portraying itself in the best light?
  • What can be learnt from the general public’s opinion of the industry from online comments, feedback and trolling?
  • Can a negative opinion of the dairy industry be changed with more transparency and information through social media and other channels?

Cathal McCormack

Country Manager, Alltech Ireland

Mervyn Harvey

Herdwatch (farm software helping over 13,000 farmers digitise their farm paperwork - 24k Facebook, 9k Twitter & 3k Instagram followers)

Hazell Mullins

(10,600 followers on Instagram), Veterinarian, Abbeyville Veterinary Hospital and Co-Founder of Vet Space Ireland

Peter Hynes

Farmer of the Year 2017, Irish Independent writer and Twitter influencer with 8,000+ followers


The Dairy Innovation Awards Finalists: Technology

Donal Whelton

Agri Advisor, AIB


Animal Health: Selective Drying off – The how, when and why

Analysis of the new practice to reduce antibiotic use in dairy and the leading human health issue of resistance to antibiotics through dairy (and meat) consumption. 


Dennis Howard

Dennis Howard


Don Crowley

Business and Technology Advisor, Teagasc

Maura Langan

Veterinary Advisor, Norbrook


IHFA Champion of the Decade: Competition Introduction

Donal Carey

Irish Holstein Friesian Association



Antibiotic Resistance: How this food chain issue will affect every dairy farmer

“If you think you understand AMR, it hasn’t been explained properly to you”. One of the deepest issues that the dairy industry needs to rightify is complicated. This discussion looks at breaking it down, to simplify the issues around policy, culture and market while also maintaining a scientific narrative.

Tommy Heffernan

Tommy Heffernan

Tommy The Vet, Moderator

Mary Newman Julian

Veterinary Consultant and Tipperary Farmer passionate about improving efficiency in animal health

Dr. Doreen Corridan

Technical Manager, Munster Bovine

Dr. Pat Wall

Professor of Public Health, UCD; Member of UCD Institute for Food and Health and Past CEO of Food Safety Authority of Ireland


IHFA Champion of the Decade: Cow Introduction

Tommy Heffernan

Tommy The Vet

Donal Carey

Irish Holstein Friesian Association


Panel Discussion:

Breeding: Are you breeding the right cow for your farm?

Every dairy farm system is different and every dairy farmer has different circumstances. So what questions should a dairy farmer ask to ensure they are breeding the right cow for the land base, soil type, labour availability, work/life balance requirements, market availability, infrastructure, sustainability requirements and all other factors inside and outside the farm gate.

Karol Kissane

Karol Kissane

Moderator, Policy Director, Agri Insider

Dr. Andrew Cromie

Geneticist, Irish Cattle Bredding Federation

Conor Morley

General Manager, World Wide Sires Ireland

Tom Baker

Breeding and Business Development Manager, Eurogene AI Services

Terry Dillon

Procurement and Breeding Programme Manager, Munster Bovine


International Keynote Address


Donald Moore

Donald Moore

CEO, Dairy Global Platform


Champion of the Decade: Results and rationale

David Jones, UK



Day 1 ends


Day 2, October 29



Welcome back and opening remarks from our Host

Caroline Keane

Caroline Keane

Presenter, Videographer, Broadcaster


National Dairy Innovation Awards Finalists: Engineering


Panel Discussion:

Infrastructure: Crystal Ball discussion on wiser infrastructure investment

Before you make a 20 year investment, it is important to have an idea of ‘what will the Irish dairy industry look like in ten years time? This crystal ball discussion attempts to answer this question and advise on what decisions should be made now for wiser business decisions around farm investments.

Suzanne Campbell

Suzanne Campbell

Moderator, RTE

Denis Drennan

Dairy Farmer, Kilkenny and Chairperson of ICMSA Farm and Rural Affairs Committee

Brendan O’Connell

Acting CEO, Agritech New Zealand (connects innovators, investors, regulators, researchers and NZ dairy farmers in tech)

Dr Karina Pierce

Senior Development Advisor specialising in dairy, Enterprise Ireland Food Division and formerly Professor on Dairy Production at UCD and UCD Lyons


The Dairy Innovation Awards Finalists: Science


Keynote Address:

The consumers’ view of Irish dairy production and product portfolio

Fresh milk, cheese and yoghurt have always been a cornerstone of Irish family diets, due to the nutritional value, natural production and assurance of quality you have when consuming fresh Irish dairy. The coronavirus pandemic has only reinforced the importance of dairy in Irish diets. However, consumers are also seeking action on climate change and sustainability from all sectors of society, including the dairy industry. The NDC’s recent research supports this view and in this session you will learn how the sector is viewed and what is expected by consumers today in order to earn their trust for a sustainable future.

Zoe Kavanagh

Zoe Kavanagh

CEO, National Dairy Council


On Farm profiles

We visit with some highly respected farmers to get their take on the biggest challenges and opportunities facing them personally and the industry as a whole.


Panel Discussion:

Dairy Sustainability – can it put money in farmers’ pockets?

The subject of dairy sustainability is in everyday use by dairy processors, politicians and dairy industry bodies. The EU Green Deal and the UN Sustainable Development Goals are feared by many dairy farmers as new reasons to bring in further legislation, restrictive policies and penalties. This discussion looks at the positives that might be possible, looking at the potential for farmers being rewarded for dairy sustainability, not penalised.

Tommy Heffernan

Tommy Heffernan

Tommy The Vet, Moderator

Pat McCormack

ICMSA President

Ciara Donovan

Farm Sustainability Advisor, Dairygold

Patrick Barrett

Agricultural Inspector, Bioeconomy, CAP AKIS and Agri-Digitalisation, Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine

Karol Kissane

Policy Director, Agri Insider

Shane McDonagh

Environmental Researcher, UCC


Dairy Farm Loader Demos



Panel Discussion:

Grass Management – what do you need to know now, that you will know in 5 years time?

Ireland is moving towards a smarter sward (?) as it aims to tackle soil quality, water pollution and climate change. This change may mean that most dairy farmers will have to tackle a reskilling challenge as the roll out of multi species has gained massive popularity in the last 12 months. This is no surprise to our speakers, they share their expertise from their experience of being ahead of the curve.

Karol Kissane

Karol Kissane

Moderator, Policy Director, Agri Insider

Prof. Finbar Mulligan

School of Veterinary Medicine UCD and Associate Diplomate of the European Society of Veterinary Comparative Nutrition

Kate McCarthy

UCD Lyons Researcher (recently published paper on ‘Herb species inclusion in grazing swards for dairy cows’)

Joe Leonard

Dairy farmer, Co. Meath milking over 600 cows using multi-species as part of his grass management for a number of years

Andre Van Barneveld

Sustainability Consultant and Former New Zealand dairy farmer currently based in Wexford



National Dairy Innovation Award winners announced


Thanks and close